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Wrong time, wrong place.

"R-Rintarou—-! S-s-stop! I can’t breathe!" Ruka kicked and squealed happily as his friend tickled him.

No way, you brought this on yourself! It’s your fault for not waking up until the afternoon! What happened to your sacred miko duties? The much taller male persisted with his playful torture. Rintarou rolled over and brought Ruka with him, making so that the feminine male sat over his hips. Besides, isn’t Sumire coming over today? Don’t you want to get ready?"

"Well, yeah. But he’s not supposed to be here for a while." Ruka laid on Rintarou’s chest, and chewed his lips. Rintarou, in response, was surprised a moment before wrapping his arms around Ruka tight. "R-Rintarou?"

Just gimme a minute…"

"B-but…" He sighed some, and let Rintarou have a moment. After all he’s been through…

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    As Ruka ranted, Sumire could tell that what ever he dreamt about scared him so much he had to explain and apologize,...
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    Ruka cried into his chest, hugging him tightly. “I-I’m sorry… I-I had a nightmare… P-please, don’t ever leave me… I-I’ll...